Dr. Pollack would be happy to personally answer any laser related questions you might have in regard to your tattoo or call to set up an appointment.
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Laser Tattoo Removal is safe, effective and affordable. The science of laser technology provides the ability to remove tattoos using a non invasive laser tattoo removal treatment.


Depending on your tattoo, the Philadelphia Institute of Dermatology uses as many as 3 state-of-the -art, high technology lasers for laser tattoo removal, not just one, like most laser centers. Therefore we can treat more colors than anyone else in the Philadelphia area and the surrounding suburbs. This high level equipment is critical in effective and safe laser tattoo removal.


When considering laser tattoo removal one of the most important aspects to consider is who will be performing the procedure. Only board certified dermatologists are experts in skin treatment and skin care. All patients should have their laser tattoo removal performed by a true skin expert. All patients should ask about the background of the owner - Is he/she board certified in dermatology?


When performing laser tattoo removal a laser light is pulsed rapidly over the surface of the skin. The tattoo ink is removed by the rapid absorption of this laser light. This absorption causes the ink to breakdown underneath the skin. The body then naturally filters the ink and removes it. Depending on the color of the ink in your tattoo there are different lasers that are used in the laser tattoo removal. This method of customizing the laser treatment for your specific tattoo is a state of the art treatment that will provide the highest rate of ink removal and the lowest amount of trauma to the skin.



How well does the laser tattoo removal process work?

Most of the time the tattoo will be completely removed. The ink used in tattoos, however, can vary and some ink is more difficult to remove then others. The depth of the tattoo can also play a large role in the complete removal of the ink. Tattoo ink is non regulated which can make targeting the specific ink more difficult.


Is the laser tattoo removal treatment painful?

Removing the tattoo with a laser can be uncomfortable. However, with the use of our own numbing cream, the treatment will be very tolerable without much discomfort at all. The pulsing light feels similar to the snap of a rubber band and can be lessened by the use of the numbing cream, Novocaine, or an ice pack.

After the laser tattoo removal procedure how will the area look and feel?

Immediately after the procedure the skin surface will be crusted and the treated area will be slightly swollen and red. It is a very similar feeling to the effects of a sunburn. In many cases there will be pinpoint bleeding, and if this occurs an antibacterial ointment will be recommended for application for a few days. Do not scrub the treatment area as this can increase the level of trauma to the skin. The treated area will heal in approximately 7 days.


Will I need more then one laser tattoo removal treatment?

There are many factors that determine the amount of treatments needed to remove a tattoo. The location, depth, size, and color can all affect the amount of treatments required. For the maximum ink removal
multiple treatments are recommended. Treatments should be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.


Are laser tattoo removal treatments covered by my health insurance?

Unfortunately, no.   Insurance companies consider laser tattoo treatments to be 'cosmetic' treatments, and therefore they will not pay for these treatments.  Our office does, however, accept most major credit cards.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The cost does vary from tattoo to tattoo.  Please email us for further information, and include a description of your tattoo(s).  You can also email a photo of your tattoo for our review.

Andrew K. Pollack, M.D. has been performing laser tattoo removal for over 20 years. He was one of the first tattoo removal doctors in Philadelphia and is the medical director of a large laser corporation, Med-X. Doctor Pollack has treated over one thousand tattoo patients. 'I am increasingly finding that, in time, men and women grow tired of their tattoos. For a variety of reasons they want them off. This decision may be related to their job, family, social reasons, etc. People move on in their lives and they often want to leave their tattoos behind.'


Dr. Pollack would be happy to personally answer any laser related questions you might have in regard to your tattoo.
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